• GTX 970 No Signal
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Been trying to get this fixed for about a week on my brother's machine Plugging in any displays into the DVI or HDMI ports complete a handshake between the card and the monitor under normal usage, but as the title suggests, nothing is actually being sent to the display. We've tried a DDU, and it actually worked, albeit a full res display is limited to a 480p resolution. The kicker is that installing nvidia's official drivers immediately knock it offline, this is coming from a already working version, and updating to the latest patch. We considered the operating system was fucked, so we did a full wipe, to no success. Unsure what our next plan of attack should be
Huh, thought it was just me experiencing this with my 970. It only happens once in a while, and if I shut off any power to the machine, it will eventually start sending signals again to my screen. If anyone has a more permanent fix, that would be great.
Could be a power supply issue. Also could be the motherboard. Try the card in a different computer, or try using a different power supply.
Had the same problem with an old GTX 460 a couple of years back, was due to the GPU dying
We found out that the warranty expires in two months, so we've submitted an RA
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