• Parent's new budget PC
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My parent's need a new PC since the old one is a pile of shit. They don't game or anything, just mundane stuff like browsing, watching some short video's, things like that. Budget is probably £350 tops. I came up with this. Bare in mind we already have a mouse, keyboard, monitor and speakers. [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZTYT7.png[/img] Any changes needed?
Seagate HDD's are a nogo. Apart from that that looks fine.
If you don't need a small case, you could probably save some, and go for a much cheaper case, as even if the cooling is not so great you havn't got hot running hardware. Other than that, looks good. If you really wanted to save, you could go for one of the sandy bridge based Pentiums. With those savings, you could pick up a low capacity SSD as your boot drive, parents love fast boot times.
2120 is just a better GPU than the 2100, if you wanted to save money you could use a 2100 instead. Also if you wanted a SSD in the future, get h67 instead for the SATA III ports.
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