• How to go about cleaning a Sidewinder x5
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My clicks are becoming a bit too sticky..I miss the crisp feel. Anyone know any tricks to clean this thing? [img]http://www.ubergizmo.com/photos/2008/8/ms-sidewinder-x5.jpg[/img]
Fuck it [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Why reply? / shitposting" - birkett))[/highlight]
No I..don't think that works.
-snip- Where is it getting dirty? This.. Just sounded totally wrong.
In between the cracks. I've been using a razorblade to try to clean it, but it's not working too well.
Take it apart and wash it if possible
Can't find nowhere to start taking it apart; hence the thread. Any help is appreciated.
It should have a screw under a sticker or something.
There's 5 pads under the mouse..would anything be under them though? [img]http://ui31.gamespot.com/2494/x5b-79902_2.jpg[/img]
The screws will be under the pads. Removing them(The pads) will ruin them though, so I'd buy some spares if I were you.
[QUOTE=Xera;22996435]The screws will be under the pads. Removing them(The pads) will ruin them though, so I'd buy some spares if I were you.[/QUOTE] Theres nothing mild adhesive cant fix.
My sidewinder X3 just broke on me :(. It's mouse wheel jams slightly when scrolling down. It's not a major issue, but it's enough to piss me off. Is there any way to fix it, and if not does anyone know of any replacement gaming mice?
You can replace the pads on the original... Are you sure you can't take 'em off?
iirc those pads are teflon, you're not going to be able to take them off without totally destroying them.
Well, that sucks shit.
Just use a wet cloth
I found this post doing a Google search because I had the same issue. I just wanted to quickly post my experience. Since I got the mouse for $25, I didn't care too much if I broke it. So, I went ahead and pried off a couple of the teflon pads (the middle left and top right) with a flathead screwdriver. There were no screws under either of them, so I'm assuming the design is actually [b]screwless[/b]. Puzzled, I started looking around for seams. You'll see a largeish gap at the front, just under the two main mouse buttons. Pull them apart, and the main mouse buttons will begin to detach from the main body. Stop here. You'll be able to use a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to clean whatever gunk is under these buttons that is causing them to stick. If you need to go further (which I didn't), just follow the seams. It looks like the entire top should pop up. Just be careful. It seemed a little fragile. Good luck.
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