• iPhone data plans on an existing account
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So I recently came into an iPhone that I bought off of a friend and I was going to use it as a cell phone naturally I have just a normal dumb phone ( it's a quickfire by AT&T if you must know). So my question is will I be charged with an iPhone data plan if I am using the phone but turn off 3g and not use the Internet unless in wifi? If I do get charged is there some app that I can use to make sure i won't be charged? my phone is unlocked so getting a package off of cydia or something isn't beyond me?
Nope, just don't use the internet or internet enabled apps. You can still use 3G to say, text while on the phone if you [I]REALLY[/I] wanted to do that, since that's a 3G thing that you can do. Though what happens with people getting charged for data usage, which won't happen.
Ok well I just disabled auto locate and 3g I really don't care if I'm mms-ing with edge so yeah
Well you'd be charged by whatever plan you have (to which the SIM card is inserted in the iPhone). If you don't have an iPhone plan, you won't be charged by that.
Ok I was expecting the charge of whatever my origional plan was before I was just worried that they have some means of being able to tell that I have an iPhone and charging me accordingly
Getting an iPhone is pretty stupid when you don't have a data plan though. Edit: Ninja'd.
I got it for next to nothing and thought it would be fun to fool around with it
They can't tell what phone you have your sim card in. If you do want to use data on your iPhone get a data plan for your quickfire and inadvertently it won't know the data is really going to an iphone. Data plans on "dumb" phones are really really cheap.
When I got my iPhone, I got it on my parent's account through their contract. I had a Pantech C180 with unlimited 'data'. I was able to use that plan until the 3GS came out, and I had to switch to the iPhone Data Plan.
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