• Interesting front panel problem
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Occasionally (maybe a third of the time) when I plug something into my HAF 912's front panel, whether it's in the headphone/mic ports or USB, it kills my computer. Sort of. It stays on, but the output to my monitor dies, and as far as I know input stops working too, requiring me to do the holding-the-power-button-in thing. It's been happening ever since I bought the case and I've never been able to figure out why.
It's a common problem with case based connectors. usually what happens is that the case connectors are isolated and not grounded properly, and when you go to plug something in to the connector, the potential difference between you and the motherboard causes a voltage spike to knock the motherboard out. I had this problem with my old server, the USB ports weren't grounded properly and nearly every time I went to plug a USB device in, the machine would do what yours did (monitor turn off and become unresponsive) or the machine would just reboot. There really isn't an easy way to fix the problem, other than to avoid using the connectors or try and ground yourself (by first grounding the device to yourself and yourself to the computer case.) You could also try soldering a wire from the shielding of the headphone jack and attaching it firmly somewhere on the case YMMV.
I guess I'll just avoid using them.
I had the same problem with my case. Come to think of it my front panel has a external stata port on it I never use, I used to have it plugged in internally but I got another 2 harddrives and a second video card that more or less blocks it off and I don't own and exstata devices so I don't bother plugging it anymore. So anyway just unplug shit you don't use on the front panel. It might help it might not it's worth a try if you don't use it anyway.
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