• Urgent help needed with server build
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Hello facepunch, i have recently aquired the chance to buy a server. It is a Tyan Thunder S2881G2NR, it has dual opteron 275 4gb of ram. My question is, excluding ram as i can buy whenever i want, will the processors be good enough to run a stable minecraft server. If so, how many players. My internet has 50mb down and 30 up, so this is no problem. Hope you respond soon as i only have a few hours to claim the offer.
You should be able to host a server for ~20 guys I think. You should get an SSD for it so it will be tons faster. Or a RAMdisk. Most of it depends on for how much you will be able to get this server?
£50, how much would i need to spend to improve it even further, without an ssd [editline]25th January 2012[/editline] And also, can i have an esitmate as to how many players i could run using a source server, sich as gmod or css? Thanks for the help
oh hey, then it should be a pretty good one. I still think that it should be around 20 persons.
do you think it is definatley worth getting?
For 50 quid this is a great deal imo.
I would get it. I think you should be able to host atleast two servers at the same time, one on one cpu, other on the second CPU.
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