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The new HTC has a 1,5 ghz quadcore processor, might wanna take a look at it
You can have all the power you want, but that doesn't make it better for games you need a phone that has a large variety of them. My vote would be an iPhone.
[QUOTE=Van-man;35106332]That's a helluva big phone there 'bud.[/QUOTE] You can connect a "usb out to usb out" cable to a phone and use it
I'm sorry guys, I too have an Android and I tend to dislike Apple, but the iPhone wins for gaming hands down. It's just the number of games and the quality of them. There are lots of games that come as iOS exclusives, while there are maybe 1 or 2 Android only games. Plus, certain games that are on both platforms, for example Fruit Ninja, Where's my Water, Angry Birds, GTAIII, and lots of other games are better, more updated, and just feel better because of the zero-lag touchscreen of the iPhone. I have a Galaxy SII, and playing fruit ninja on it is quite good. You would tell the same until you play it on iOS. You cant compare it to the iPhone version. The touch on the iPhone has less response time, and the graphics are more fluid, even if android phones have more hardware power. Developers tend to develop a game for iOS, and then port it to Android, just like console to pc porting. The port always results in less quality.
Get a strong phone and you can run emulators. My Droid X2 can run all emulators up to the PS1. Then you have all of the gaming you need. I play Super Smash Brothers for the N64 on my phone all the time.
N-Gage. Edited: The idea of a phone for gaming made me laugh. It's a fucking phone. Not a gameboy.
[QUOTE=superstepa;35114396]You can connect a "usb out to usb out" cable to a phone and use it[/QUOTE] Limited software (and in some cases also hardware) support compared to bluetooth gamepads. Though with Bluetooth there's also a few phones it's tricky with, but that's because of the kernel some manufacturers loves to use.
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