• New CPU; locking up at high usage.
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I just installed my new i5-3570K today, been a bitch getting windows set up and everything. Now that everything is finally working, I went ahead and started doing stress tests + gaming. However, any time my CPU gets[I] somewhat[/I] to a high usage, my computer completely locks up, sometimes recovering extremely slowly. I'm thinking its my PSU, which is only rated to run at 500W, which is now lugging around a 6850 and the 3570K. Also, my power supply does not supply an 8pin 12v to the CPU, only a 4pin 12v. I think its the lack of the 8pin 12v rail to the CPU, but I just want another opinion before I have to lay down $100 on a power supply.
Specify the precise brand and model of your PSU and check your temperatures. (you might have mounted the heatsing wrongly) Did you also upgrade your motherboard?
PSU: Thermaltake Purepower 500 Temps are fine. CPU isn't higher than 40c. And yes, I did. My old motherboard was using a 4pin 12v rail to the CPU. This new one wants an 8pin 12v rail. [editline]2nd May 2012[/editline] Motherboard is the MSI Z77A-GD65 specifically.
Are you using the stock Intel cooler? My i5-2400 had terrible problems with overheating and crashing with the stock Intel cooler. It wasn't until I got a Hyper 212+ that the machine behaved properly.
I am, but my CPU has never gone above 40c, so I don't think that there is any heat related issue.
you might need a bios update
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