• How can I disconnect a device from my router?
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For a long time now, ever now and the a warning would pop up saying a new device has joined the network. I'm convinced it's my neighbours. The network map looks something like this: [img]http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/3759/46992392.png[/img] The 'THOMSON' PC is the one I'm getting fed up of seeing. How can I cut this guy from my router? It's never as simple as right click-disconnect device these days is it. I swear, this guy has been 'leeching' my internet for too long. I don't know how he's doing it, the router is passworded. I've changed it twice. I don't know who he is, but if I ever find out for certain that it is next door, I'll go over there and... oh god knows what. Answered questions: what type of security have you got? - I'm using WEP as far as I know.
what type of security have you got? WEP?
Yeah it is.
I heard it was possible to mess with people who connect to your router
Change your encryption to WPA. or block his mac adress
WPA? Right... will do. His printer sharing is enabled. Going to go send him a little thank you message...
[QUOTE=PX1K;17466116]WPA? Right... will do. His printer sharing is enabled. Going to go send him a little thank you message...[/QUOTE] haha
Just sent a print, just GTFO taking up a whole page. Right just attempted to change it but now It's asking my to manually enter stuff. That I can't do. [img]http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/2084/213z.png[/img] Can anyone help me out? [editline]07:34PM[/editline] Alright I should be fine now. Restarted after setting it up. He's not on the list now. Give it an hour or so.
You should have printed a full-page goatse :P Also, yeah, block his MAC address.
You should have sent ink bombs, when he connects you just print a full color page that is just a single dark color, eating up all his ink and possibly damaging his printer. Use red, should be dark on black and white printers too/eat up toner. The guy will show up again and you are just slowing him down, another method is to use mac address filtering for extra security.
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