• Buying AM2 + socket CPU
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I want to upgrade my processor from 2.2 GHz to something better. I can't spend the money on buying a new motherboard and ram. I have looked around but have not found anywhere that sells AM2 + socket processors anymore, do any of you guys know where you can find them, preferably non used. I am currently overclocking my 2.2 to 2.3 in order to play games such as BF3 or ArmA 2 smoothly, but I don't want to do this forever.
There's nowhere you can find them 'non-used' as they aren't in production anymore. You'll just have to save for a new motherboard and RAM if you wish to upgrade. [b]Edit:[/b] Actually, which motherboard do you have - some of the AM2+ motherboards had BIOS updates to be able to support AM3.
I doubt it is possible to run AM3 on AM2, however, AM3 on AM2+ boards works.
[QUOTE=martijnp3000;36180020]I doubt it is possible to run AM3 on AM2, however, AM3 on AM2+ boards works.[/QUOTE] He said his board was AMD2+
My motherboard is this M3A78-EMH HDMI, it might just be AM2 with support for AM2+, I hope its AM2+.
I have an Athlon II X2 240, it's AM3 but AM2 and AM2+ work with AM3 CPUs
Your motherboard is AM2 with support for AM2+. It does not support AM3. You'll pretty much have to upgrade your motherboard to get any reasonable upgrade. Sorry about that. Depending on your budget, it might actually be enough to get a new motherboard/CPU/RAM, but up to you really.
The best you can possibly get is the phenom 9350, just save up for a better computer.
Ah, well thanks.
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