• Android phone likes my SD but then it doesn't
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Hello. I've looked around on forums and shit and I found nothing relating to my android. (a Huawei U8160-U) The Problem: Sometimes it will read my SD and sometimes it will eject it at random times. And sometimes it wont read it at all. I've tried several SD cards and all provide the same problem. Yes it is updated to 2.2.2(was 2.2.1) and it's not rooted. Help?
What size is the SD card?
8Gb. I also tried a 1GB and both provided the problem, however both memory cards in a different phone and both work fine.
Not sure then, all I can guess is do the obvious, restore it, if that doesn't work, send it back for replacement
there is something wrong with your phone
[QUOTE=minecraft.exe;34715817]there is something wrong with your phone[/QUOTE] Yes. But before I updated my android it still presented the problem although it was worse. But since the update it's done it less but it's still proving annoying.
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