• All of my libraries are gone?
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Well a while ago, my computer had something terribly wrong with it, making my background go black, tons of errors coming up, tons of files gone somehow, etc. After reconfiguring (I think thats what it's called) my computer, it seemed to be all back to normal, but it wasn't. My entire library is deleted, documents, music, pictures and videos, gone, nothing there. Not even the folders are there. So I went to my gmod folder steam /steamapps /username /garrysmod/garrysmod. Only a few folders were there like lua and cliche, things that I really don't need very much, but all my most needed folders ARE gone. Addons, maps, screenshots, weapons, etc. I really need all of this back because I have important things in my library and Gary's mod folder that took years to get, all just to be gone in a matter of a few hours. So please, anyone with ANY useful suggestions to either questions please answer. I would most appreciate if you knew what this is. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. [sp]Also a side note: I posted this in the gmod section a while back and copy/pasted it so excuse the garry's mod stuff, but if you know how to fix that as well that would be terrific.[/sp]
Reconfiguring? Please don't say you mean reformatting - if that's what you did you're fucked.
It could be a virus or something, if the files are really gone (turn hidden files on). It may be possible to run a tool like recuva to get some stuff back if they'eve been deleted, but the longer it is since the deleting happens, the less chance that files are recovered (when you delete a file, the computer is told that where that file is on the disk is free and can be over-written. If you can catch it before alot of file operations take place, then the files are still there but un-marked. however if it has been a while that space has most likely been over-written with another file). If you can't find anything with recuva, then unfortuantley your most likey at a loss. Also, there are so many ways of making backups now (Internet based services, external hard drives are still pretty cheap) there isn't really much of an excuse not to do some sort of backing up of regular files. [B]Edit[/B][B]: [/B]If you have reformatted and didn't use the quick option, yes you're fucked.
I didn't reformat it, I reconfigured it.
[QUOTE=Blazyd;34557535]I didn't reformat it, I reconfigured it.[/QUOTE] what does that even mean
reconfigured isnt a proper term buddy. explain what you did in more than 50 words.
organize>Folderoptions>Show hidden files and folders see if that detects them
We have no idea what the fuck you mean by "reconfigured" Tell us WHAT you did...
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