• I can't unplug and unscrew my CPU fan from the motherboard
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My CPU has been running temperatures around 50-55 degrees C for some time, and I suspect it of causing quite a few crashes. So I wanted to take the fan and the heatsink off the CPU and motherboard to clean them, but I couldn't get it off. This is my first time messing with my computers insides, so I didn't have the courage to be too violent, but the plug seemed stuck, and I was unable to unscrew the fan, my screwdriver didn't budge the screws. Should I just use more strength, or is something wrong?
Does the fan say Intel?
Look on your motherboard for a model. Post said model here. I'll give you a picture-by-picture explanation of how to do it.
50-55 is pretty good under load btw. You might not even need to get it off. If its idle temps, yeah open her up.
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