• Getting BSOD Every time I use Screen capture software.
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Basically what the title says. I am trying to make a rendering settings tutorial video for youtube to help people out, but Every time I go to use screen capture software it seems to fuck up either when I first start recording, or when I end it. I have tried many different screen capture software's too and it has done the same thing on all of them. So it must be a problem with my PC itself. It doesn't do it when I record something with my HD-PVR, Only when I record my actual screen. I have used all of the following software and all have BSOD on me when I have tried to record: BSR Screen recorder CamStudio Camtasia SnagIt Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 This is really annoying me now and I feel like drop kicking my PC out the window.
What is the error?
Never-mind I fixed it, It was this error: [img]http://puu.sh/AJHT[/img] It was a audio driver error, I just removed the current driver, cleaned out some files then installed the latest drivers.
Turns out I haven't managed to fix this problem. Just got another BSOD when I stopped recording my voice through audacity [img]http://puu.sh/AV4q[/img] I really need to sort this out because I am unable to make my videos with this problem.
If that's WIN7, you can get FRAPS (I don't really care how) since some themes use OpenGL or DirectX that FRAPS picks up to record it.
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