• Laptop isn't saving files
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I'm trying to find the solution to my dad's laptop's problem. It's running Vista. Whenever he saves files from Word anywhere, it recognizes that it exists in word (in the quick file open bar) but when you try to find it in windows explorer, it doesn't exist and gives an error about its location. You can't even find the file till you use the search function, and accessing it gives the file location error. If you quit Word and start it up again, the file that was just saved disappeared from the quick access bar and doesn't recognize it even exists. Additionally, all of his files he saves from IE9 never actually save and give errors. Is the quick solution to pop in a windows disk and repair or perhaps a complete format? [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - Gran PC))[/highlight]
It sounds like an anti-virus or sandboxing program is stopping applications from modifying files (saving, etc), what anti-virus does he use?
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