• I need an upgrade, but not sure what parts to upgrade
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I've come to the conclusion that it's time to upgrade my PC I have: 150gb shitty hard drive Windows XP (Going to seven in a few weeks) AMD Phenom 9350e x4 NVidia 9800 GT 4GB of stock ram I'm going to be using my machine for gaming, as well as photo editing and video editing (going to college) If you could suggest (and maybe even link to) some good replacements for the least amount of money, seeing as I'm expecting around £200-£300 from selling my laptop and I'm going to work for the rest of it Thanks
you'll probably want to upgrade everything i.e. build a new computer, I don't think that one is worth putting your money into anymore
An original Phenom X4 and a 9800GT? Not worth putting a cent into. Just take what you can with the HDD, CD drive, case etc and replace the rest.
Well this scuppers my plans of keeping the Phenom I want to get rid of the bloody 9800 GT, that thing is bad [editline]15th April 2012[/editline] Could you recommend me replacements then?
Bump, also what's wrong with the original Phenom? It seems quite good
Well it really isn't. I don't want to insult your hardware but the original Phenom's aren't very good. At that time AMD was officially over a generation behind Intel's Yorkfield chips. On top of that, the B2 and BA stepping Phenom's had the TLB bug which was fixed, but at the cost of 10% of computing performance.
I don't take offense, I know my current PC is old and not that good, I built it ages ago
Which is exactly why it's not worth upgrading, let alone keeping the Phenom
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