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Jesus. I never thought anyone would like it this much. Hooray!
[QUOTE=Killowatt;35186541]Jesus. I never thought anyone would like it this much. Hooray![/QUOTE] Dude, Steph, Tyler, and I talk about you in school all the time.
[QUOTE=Killowatt;35186541]Jesus. I never thought anyone would like it this much. Hooray![/QUOTE] I read that as if you were screaming.
[QUOTE=Dr. Deeps;35186549]Dude, Steph, Tyler, and I talk about you in school all the time.[/QUOTE] Please, talk of this conversation. I like increasing my ego.
I'm dead. Pretty sure.
[QUOTE=wingless;35186634]I'm dead. Pretty sure.[/QUOTE] Don't worry, i'm still there when you are in the afterlife. Except with wings, and F13 will make poop.
I just freaked out everyone by doing my different voices. Should I record them?
You should see mine.
[QUOTE=Killowatt;35186734]You should see mine.[/QUOTE] I'll record one real quick.
they can kiss my shiny black ass
Stop reminding me about Rosa Parks- Ahaha.
[media]http://soundcloud.com/drdeepsover9thousand/vocal-tests[/media] This is just two of them. I need to work on my breathing a bit more for my death metal voice.
What? I.. He just.. ???
[QUOTE=wingless;35187321][media]http://soundcloud.com/wingar/hi-killowatttttttt[/media][/QUOTE] jump to the end to hear my lisp! oh god i sound awful
Why the fuck am I sleeping when you are talking to each other... I fucking hate timezones now.
I wish Id would get off their ass and put multi-gpu support in RAGE.
I wish everybody ever would get off their ass and put REAL multi-gpu support in everything
[QUOTE=Brt5470;35188269]I wish Id would get off their ass and put multi-gpu support in RAGE.[/QUOTE] Off-topic post.
[QUOTE=GoDong-DK;35188335]Off-topic post.[/QUOTE] Counter off-topic post!
[QUOTE=tratzzz;35188353]Counter off-topic post![/QUOTE] When talking about computers is off-topic, this is really the GC.
[QUOTE=Brt5470;35188269]I wish Id would get off their ass and put multi-gpu support in RAGE.[/QUOTE] Rich people problems
Jesus my laptop is totally dead, can't even get it into windows anymore, gets to the login screen, I login and then it just doesn't do anything. Actually I just turned it on and now it's not doing anything, black screen. Anyway I need a new game, bored out of my mind and nearly bought MW3 from intkeys, could get a friend to scroll of resurrect me on WoW, thoughts? Also nothing singleplayer, got 4 weeks off school so I need something to kill time. WoW's a top choice but only if I can get my laptop working, like an 18GB download or something and I get faster speeds if I wireless through my laptop instead of powerline, wired is a no-go router's downstairs and animals run into the cables. [t]http://i.imgur.com/NVf3N.jpg[/t] Seriously. Goddamn. Only thing I haven't tried is opening it up, alienware so I'm scared it'll detonate if I do. I really need to turn the face recognition shit off, takes forever to load. Just got into windows login screen, usually BSoD's about 5 minutes after I login, can't even click on my account to login though so I'll report back. The hell, I slapped it quite hard and it suddenly burst into life opening facial recognition. 11:46, I lied, will update with time's now. Ooh 11:47 screen went black except for facial recognition screen which isn't even connecting to the webcam. 11:49 screens full black, mouse moved to the middle. 11:51 bluescreen for no reason 11:54 holy hell seems to be working, logged in, bluescreen imminent. ^ Windows Explorer has stopped working, this is ridiculous and nothing is causing it. 12:04 attempted safe boot with networking, didn't work, restarted, booted into windows straight away, seemingly no errors so far, I'm never turning this goddamn thing off again. 12:06 What in the hell it just restarted itsself, seems still working though. [B]Is there a way to transfer my 33GB WoW folder from my laptop to desktop via network cable?[/B] 12:20 It's restarting fine now, going to get lunch
try wow for a while, you've got time to get to 85 and do a bit of the endgame content at its easiest stage before the next expansion comes out blizzard are fucking brilliant at marketing
I might get a copy of F-Secure, but it looks quite simple.
[QUOTE=Lyoko774;35182636]I like how whenever you post in this thread it somehow turns into discussing how ahead of its time the Amiga 1000 was.[/QUOTE] Its mostly the games that make the Amiga so bloody great. Lemmings Alien Breed Sim City Syndicate Turrican Elite Pinball Dreams It just had so many stupidly great games, I would gladly take any Amiga over the latest console. [QUOTE=Lyoko774;35182636] And I'm still jealous of you. I want an A500. Fuck, I'd be happy with the case. I could put a Raspberry Pi (or an ITX motherboard) in it, make it run UAE on boot...[/QUOTE] That's a good idea actually, I've got a dead C64 breadbin I could gut and use as a case...
[QUOTE=Warship;35188402]Rich people problems[/QUOTE] Actually the opposite. People with money probably would have more powerful single GPU's and wouldn't need it as much.
[QUOTE=benjgvps;35185677]Some more people should get into Mumble.[/QUOTE] What's the IP and port
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