• Skype cuts out when I'm playing a game
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So a bunch of friends of mine like to chat over skype, but when I try playing a game it will cut out randomly. Is there a way to fix it? By the way I'm on windows 7 [editline]26th May 2012[/editline] I just tried installing some audio codecs that didn't work. I did discover that playing a game in windowed mode makes it work but I don't really want tot do that.
What do you mean it cuts out? Like does it seem like you lost connection to Skype, or what are you doing on the game? Just starting it up? Because I might have the same problem as you. Whenever I try to join a server on TF2, on the joining screen, Skype cuts out and it seems like I lost connection.
I can hear other people but they can't hear me, I'm just normally playing the game and it starts after playing for a few minutes.
The game may be reassigning your microphone to use it in game, Check your sound settings.
Actually could it be an issue with my internet? I'm starting to think it is, I'm getting weird skype connection issues now.
You better find a way to get your friends in to Teamspeak. Happened by me once too. or find out if the game wants your mic input.
Turn off exclusive mode on the microphone in the sound settings (advanced tab)
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