• Looking to destroy a raid 0 array without losing files, what software can I use?
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Hey everyone. I have a raid 0 array set up right now, and I need to undo it (Go back to two separate drives). Is there any software that will perhaps allow me to create an image of the entire drive so I can kill the array and then copy it back to one of the hard-drives? Any help with this would be much appreciated.
Don't know any quite hard to merge 2 disks that have been configured to mirror. :/
If you could get a third disk that's large enough, you could ghost the data over and format. Check if your motherboard has a feature to "unraid" drives through, so that when you unraid it moves the data to the two disks so they no longer need eachother in order to work.
Backup the files to one large drive, and take the Raid apart.
Acronis True Image
I think you can use the ultimate boot disk to copy the logical drive(s) to another drive so long as the single drive is greater than the logicals
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