• Flash does not load extensions.
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So I play around with Flash now and then and make silly animations, and today a cool guy gave me a Flash Extension called "Keyframe Caddy". Installed it (simple as hell, just doubleclick and off you go). I restart Flash and... it's not in any menu. Confused, I restart Flash again. I reinstall the extension. I restart my computer. I figure there's something wrong with the extension, so I install another one from a different company that the same guy handed to me. Still nothing. No matter what extension I install, no matter from what developer, they NEVER show up in the menu lists for Flash. I decided to downgrade from CS5 to CS4, to see if I could get it to work on an older version. Still no luck - again no matter what extension I install, they don't show up. Figuring there must be something wrong with my Flash, I go to my School Laptop instead, and install the extensions there. Guess what? They still don't work. That's 2 operating systems and 2 different versions of Flash. Nothing. Works. I have no idea what's going on here, I really don't. I should note that the Extension Manager doesn't see a single problem with the extensions. It doesn't complain that it's incompatible, it doesn't give me an error message of any kind when it's done installing. Does anyone have ANY idea what could be going on here? Did I miss some super-important detail in the middle of this, like a button or something?
You'd probably be best asking on the adobe forums, or asking the guy who gave it to you
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