• Buying my dad a new laptop.
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My dad has recently been complaining about the constant problems with his Toshiba Satellite which is a fucking terrible laptop. The USB ports are all defective and constantly make devices eject due to them being loose. He has also had a lot of problems with stuttering in games making them almost unplayable. I am going to buy him a new laptop as he deserves it and I was looking at this one (Dell Inspiron 5000) just a minute ago. For the price it looks decent and I always hear good stuff about Dell so I believe it is a good move. I need to also make sure it will last him. He limits his computer use to a few games such as World of Warships, Battle Pirates (some Facebook game) and some oldies like Command and Conquer (of which the only problem he has is that because it is old, it crashes when his USB port loosens and his headphones disconnect). I don't want it to be overkill, but I want to make sure it is capable of playing a few decent games and performing quite well. My price range is around £650 to £1000, probably over. tl;dr: Would you think that the Dell Inspiron will serve him well or do you have any better options? Thanks for your replies.
You can do a bit better at that price point: ASUS FX502VM
This actually looks like a banging laptop. It looks quite nice as well. I was happy to see a GTX 1060 there as well. I might go for this, I am shocked by the price as well.
He doesn't usually use the battery so that won't be a problem. How bad exactly is the screen?
the 1050 is a terrible gpu
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