• Cant open sim slot on an iPhone 7
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I just bought an unlocked iPhone 7 and I cannot open the sim slot on the side to insert a sim card. I have tried using the sim ejector tool and a paper clip, and neither of those work. Hell, I can’t even use either to open the sim slot on my iPhone 5C to get the sim out of that. any ideas?
Grab a toothpick and use that. Get it a bit stuck in the hole and use it to pull it out. The sim slot should only be held in place using friction.
Use a paperclip. You may need to apply a bit of force, not quite as much as you'd use when opening a CD tray with the same method, but not far off.
Don’t have any toothpicks sadly
I got mine out with a nail scissor(the kind with a curve in the cut) and some force(bend the nail scissor)
Try to change your SIM ejector.
Mate I resolved this problem 2 months ago lmao
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