• PC monitor losing signal
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Ok. I was playing mount and blade and then suddenly monitor goes black and says no signal. It stays black and i try pushing the cable in a bit more at each end. Nohing. So i restart the pc. Monitor works fine until I get tothe desktop and then... no signal again. Im panicking now and I am thinking maybe the graphics card has broken. I turn off the PC and remove, check for dust and reinstall the card. I restart and get to the desktop fine this time. Now mount and bade isnt really gpu heavy. So i start to think it could be cpu related. So i run prime95 and almost instantly... signal lost agaMy in. The temperature couldnt have gotten very hot that quickly, so I am now thinking its possibly a power thing. My specs from what i remember (on phone atm) Phenom II x4 965 stock clocks 3.4 ghz i think Sapphire toxic 6870 4 Gb cheap corsair ram Windowns 7 64 bit hom Powercool 950w cheap psu (always seemed a bit sketchy to me. was only £80ish Other stuff Been getting blue screens ocassionally saying memory management. PC a little under 2 years old. Gpu more recent. Please help. I will try to get on pc and get more info. Edit: On PC now, [url=http://filesmelt.com/dl/Capture739.PNG]here[/url] is some info about temps and volts etc. Edit2: Well it seens its more than just losing the monitor signal. It happened again and some music thst was playing stopped. Seems the entire PC is crashing but the fans etc carry on and i have to restart it. [editline]28th April 2012[/editline] Well I believe I found the problem. Before I bought my H70, I wasnt sure that my CPU cable would reach around it. So I bought a small 4 pin CPU extender from amazon. Well, after having a look at it, I find this: [thumb]http://filesmelt.com/dl/20120428_142015.jpg[/thumb] Something had melted it. Which is strange, because it isnt really near anything hot. For something like that to happen, I would imagine it would have to directly touch a heat pipe, or something very hot. This wasnt near the CPU or GPU. Could possibly have touched the edge of the mobo or the RAM. But thats it. Anyway, the real CPU cable can just about reach, so I am using that now. Think I will stick to it. Hope it didnt cause damage to anything else, but I just ran prime95 for a bit and everything seems fine.
It's almost certainly the power supply. Stop using it immediately, and don't use the melted cable again. It sounds like the PSU is putting out overloaded current, causing it to melt the cables and insulation. You should buy a new power supply from a trusted manufacturer.
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