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We have a thread for apps, but we all enjoy the occasional game. What are your favorites? Mine probably have to be (I haven't tried too many yet): Dead Space SuperGNES Angry Birds (Incredibly overrated, but still fun) Minecraft (obligatory) go go go
Right now, the only games I play are SNesoid, GameBoid, Osmos, and Canabalt.
Mushroom Garden :D
Nethack The port is sooo well done, playing it is more comfortable than on the pc
Draw Something Doptrix
the impossible game
Draw Something and Temple Run.
Could somebody list out some good ports? I remember on my iPod Touch I got Monkey Island. Are they available on Android? Anything like that? Man I wish they would get Chinatown Wars on it.
Defensoid - very Tron-esque and cybery tower defense game (fucking hexagons mang!) Fieldrunners HD - standard and surprisingly difficult tower defense game Radiant HD - arcade space shooter with thuper thilly dialogue Spirit HD - no words explain how addicting this game is
Angry Birds Space.
DoomGLES - 3D Android Doom port FPSE - PSX Emulator Game Dev Story - A game where you make games World of Goo - Make towers of goo to reach a pipe
Gameboy Color A.D, Cut the Rope, Doodle Fit and Majesty.
Modern Combat 3 - fun campaign but lags like hell on multiplayer, and there is usually less than 150 on. Six Guns - Red Dead Redemption like Cytus - rhythem game that I'm like addicted to
[QUOTE=garychencool;35625625] Six Guns - Red Dead Redemption like [/QUOTE] Thanks for this.
Zenonia is p cool.
[QUOTE=SGTNAPALM;35626034]Thanks for this.[/QUOTE] It's pay to win though, you can pay to beat the missions.
[QUOTE=garychencool;35627717]It's pay to win though, you can pay to beat the missions.[/QUOTE] That would be a boring game. [editline]18th April 2012[/editline] "give us money so you don't have to play"
[QUOTE=Ehmmett;35627527]Zenonia is p cool.[/QUOTE] the controls are touchy as a mofo
It's easy to get used to, it just has some weird auto corner rounding thing.
Started playing Radiant Defense. It's pretty fucking neato. [url]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.hexage.defense[/url]
Zenonia and Scramble with Friends.
Zombie lane is fun.
Counter strike.
Speedx 3D Trial Xtreme 1 Trial Xtreme 2
NetHack + RLTiles. Such a great game once you get into it
Darkmeadow [IMG]http://www.thedarkmeadowgame.com/images/gallery/fullscreen/DarkMeadow03.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.thedarkmeadowgame.com/images/gallery/fullscreen/DarkMeadow02.jpg[/IMG] [url]http://www.thedarkmeadowgame.com/[/url]
Battleheart It's discontinued so you might want to search for an apk sadly...
Playing Dragon Quest Monsters 2 on that A.D. gameboy colour emulator.
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