• What was your first distro?
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[QUOTE=froztshock;32881603]About a month ago I installed arch on a virtual machine, did some stuff, and overall managed pretty well. Now I'm considering doing an actual installation.[/QUOTE] Pretty much worth it. I update once a week or so (use to be daily), nice to have latest stuff, especially as a dev.
First distro I used seriously was Red Hat Linux 9, way too long ago. Linux has come a long way since then. How time flies.
I started with a simple light weight distro, then moved to DSL.
Ubuntu something in a Microsoft Virtual PC (yes, you heard me right.) Now, I use Ubuntu 11.10.
I started out using one of the older versions of Ubuntu in VMWare Workstation, then later on moved on to trying shit out in Microsoft Virtual PC, then VirtualBox. Then I finally decided to install it, and now I'm using Gentoo.
Ubuntu Linux 7.10 'Gusty Gibbion' In 2008 I was . . 11 years old. Installed it myself, and followed a bunch of guides got wine setup installed ventrilo and CoD4. Played on linux with my clanmates then got tired of having to do extensive modifications to get new games to work so I did a dual-boot then got a new harddrive were now in 2011 did a dual-boot with 11.10 and win7 ulitmate 64-bit, and I hate Unity so I did some uninstalling and were now back on GNOME 2 after downgrading GTK.
Ubuntu 7.04 "Fiesty Fawn". It was August of 2007, and I was interested in other operating systems besides Windows. I got a Hackintosh up and running flawlessly, so my next challenge was Linux. I saw a kid in my 2002 Job Corps class setup YellowDog on a new PPC Mac, but Linux seemed very foreign to me having never used anything but OS 7.x ~ 10.4 (X) and Windows 3.11 ~ Vista. Vista turned me off with how bloated and sluggish it was, so I googled for an easy-to-use Linux, and Ubuntu flooded my search results. The Idea of a LiveCD was new to me, and I was in awe to see a fully-functional OS boot from an optical disc. I had never knew such a thing was even possible. I installed it from the LiveCD GUI, and rebooted. To my surprise, everything booted up fine, wireless and graphics worked out of the box, and I was a happy man. I even got my girlfriend at the time to like it with some mild configurations. I had everything I needed for it to be the "guest PC" setup in the livingroom. It was virus and malware resistant, yet had everything needed for daily use. Firefox, aMSN, XMMS for music with Winamp 2.x skin support, OpenOffice... Linux was the shit! :D Just think... If Windows Vista had been as good as Windows 7 upon release, I might not have discovered how wonderful Linux is. Now I can't even fathom doing my PC repair tasks without the help of my Multiboot USB and DVD distros!
Ohh, that must be Knoppix. I do not remember when I begin to use linux or why I did that. I guess it was mostly because I got some evil virus on the computer. I didn't like Knoppix back then, I think I used it because I didn't found something else that had Swedish language.
Ubuntu 6.06 I think
[QUOTE=Van-man;32971220]Ubuntu 6.06 I think[/QUOTE] u mean 6.04?
Think my first distro was Mandrake 9. I was one of the unlucky uninformed ones that had an LG CD-ROM drive that was destroyed by the UPDATE_FIRMWARE bug :downs:
[QUOTE=Lyoko2;32972567]u mean 6.04?[/QUOTE] No, back then it was 6.06. [editline]26th October 2011[/editline] [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(operating_system)#Releases[/url]
[QUOTE=PvtCupcakes;32974405]No, back then it was 6.06. [editline]26th October 2011[/editline] [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(operating_system)#Releases[/url][/QUOTE] lol thanks.. oh wait i got an old cd with ubuntu 6, dont know which.
As far back as I can recall, Mandrake Linux 10.1.
My first distro was Fedora Core and I was about 9 years old. I got frustrated with the KDE interface, and at the time didn't know how to switch to Gnome. I also tried OpenSUSE for a bit, which was also a dumb idea. When I was about 12, I decided to try Linux again for a while on a computer I built myself (which my dad is now using). I started out with Ubuntu, and found it quite good. I dual booted it with Windows and switched between the two. After 2 years of using that computer (age 14) I switched to a laptop and used Ubuntu until ATi decided to not make new drivers Radeon Xpress 1250 under X11. I was about 16 then. Been using Windows as a primary operating since. I'm now 18, and built my second computer with Windows 7 as a primary operating system and Ubuntu 11.04 as a secondary... My laptop is living under my cupboard, running Ubuntu Server from an 80 GB hard drive. It's my family's file server until I figure out how to use my router as an NAS.
I started with Ubuntu 9.04, a few years back and then I moved onto Arch Linux, because I liked customizing my system, although it does have some drawbacks.
Just started experimenting with linux distros about a month ago. I have an old Toshiba with a 1.7GHz processor and 512MB ram. Knew it would run windows terribly so I threw Xubuntu 11.04 onto it (Now running 11.10). My main computer is running ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 8 dual booted. Now I am running a minecraft server on a very small 256mb vps running CentOS 5 for me and a friend or two when we are bored.
[QUOTE=Diaklu;33024476]As far back as I can recall, Mandrake Linux 10.1.[/QUOTE] I got a Mandrake 10.1 DVD that was double-sided free with an expensive Linux magazine. I guess it was my first Distro, but I never used it. So I stick with my Ubuntu 7.04 posted above.
Ubuntu 7.04 or whatever numbering scheme they used back then. Not the last one of 2007 at least. Could not get the audio to work properly on my laptop so after an evening of wrestling with it I gave up and reinstalled Vista. Two months later I tried 7.10 and ran it for a week but went back eventually because of reasons.
[QUOTE=Anonym;33163356][b] because of reasons.[/b][/QUOTE] Sorry what?
That's exactly it, I don't remember why.
First was Knoppix. Then about a month later I tried Kubuntu but settled with Ubuntu 6.06. Was with Ubuntu until they adopted Unity; switched to Mint.
RHEL 6 for no reason other than my dad has the disks.
Ubuntu 11.10. Today. I was curious, But gladly I got the dual boot working well.
I remember playing with Red Hat back when it was free when I was realllly young. I don't remember the version, but the PC was a 550MHZ P3 if that says anything. The first distro I truly used was Xubuntu roughly 5 years back on a laptop with 128MB of RAM. The thing ran XP horribly, so I put Xubuntu on, and it became surprisingly useful.
My first distro was ZipSlack in the early 2000s. Installing XFree86 and KDE were a complete PITA. Can I be an elitist now? :downs:
[QUOTE=IpHa;32875207]An old version of Fedora(back when it was called Fedora Core) don't remember exactly which one, maybe 3 or 4?[/QUOTE] it's not called fedora core anymore? my first version was Debian 2.2 in 2001 but I didn't really get into it until sarge came out
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