• Looking for a CPU fan for my Phenom x4 955
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[QUOTE=Zerokateo;35879077]Well then make the air go out the back of the case. And get a better case FFS, for $60 you could have a really freaking nice case with REALLY nice airflow compared to that shit. And will you have to take everything apart? Yes you will but it will be worth it. [url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119233&Tpk=HAF%20912[/url][/QUOTE] Ok, im going to have some money soon, so i will look after it. Btw, does newegg deliver to the Netherlands? And is there a cheaper alternative like a Sharkoon Vaya? Or this one? [url]http://www.sharkoon.com/?q=en/node/1858[/url]
I don't think they do but I'm not sure, and that looks like it'll provide much more airflow.
[QUOTE=Zerokateo;35887388]I don't think they do but I'm not sure, and that looks like it'll provide much more airflow.[/QUOTE] Ok, well i think im going for the Sharkoon T9 Value, it also has 3 120mm fans included for 50 euro's, cheaper than the 70 euros HAF here.
[QUOTE=Zombiespeed;35887449]Ok, well i think im going for the Sharkoon T9 Value, it also has 3 120mm fans included for 50 euro's, cheaper than the 70 euros HAF here.[/QUOTE] NZXT Source 210 Elite is 50 USD and has tons of features for the price
I think im gonna get the T9, it has 3 fans included, airflow and a cheap price. And it has 2 fans in the front that directly take the air into the case
[QUOTE=Zerokateo;35863991]Thats stupid, we tell you to get a hyper 212 and instead you are going to buy another piece of shit.[/QUOTE] The hell are you talking about, the Hyper TX3 is an excellent cooler. It's a great substitute for the 212+/Evo in cases where those massive coolers wouldn't fit (you need a case more than 7.5" deep to fit one and be able to still put the door back on.) The Hyper TX3 has a cooling capacity of over 130W, and it's well capable of cooling a Phenom II x4 955. That and you don't have the annoying task of removing the entire motherboard to install it, you just put the bracket around the heatpipes and clip it on. And considering it's less than half the price of both the 212+ and the Evo, it's definitely not a waste of money.
Btw, i have a question, i have 2 sticks of 1gb ram and 1 stick of 2gb ram, but my computer says i can only use 3,25gb of the 4gb, and it is set to dual channel. How can i set it to single channel? How i have it now : 1-1 2-0 For single channel do i need 1-2 1-0 or something? [img]http://puu.sh/ubXi[/img]
RAM in dual channel mode has nothing to do with not being able to use the full amount of memory. Putting RAM in dual channel mode doubles the width of the memory bus from 64 bits to 128 bits and allows more memory bandwidth. If you have a 32 bit OS (Windows XP and prior and 32 bit versions of Vista or 7) then the maximum amount of RAM you can address is 4 GB. This 4 GB chunk is shared by all memory mapped devices in the system, which eat into the system RAM. So if you have a GPU with 512M of RAM, then the maximum amount of system RAM you can use is 3.5 GB. Other things also eat into the memory mapping like sound cards, networking cards, SATA controllers, etc. and each take a chunk of the total memory mapping.
Ok, i have 4 gb of DDR2 ram, and a 1GB graphics card. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit as OS. But before my graphics card has changed i could use all the 4GB and it saids it was set in Single channel, now i have a new graphics card i can only use 3,25gb and it is in Dual channel
It's possible the GPU is taking RAM to act as Video RAM. Which GPU is it?
Sapphire HD 6870 This one [url]http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?cid=1&gid=3&sgid=1037&lid=1&pid=1270&leg=0[/url]
Bump : My father forgot to buy the TX3 on the internet, good for me :D Im gonna buy a new case first, and then a Hyper 212, but wich case is good for not more then 60 euro's? I care about the airflow, not build quality or something. I now own a samurai zz cpu heatsink, so holes in the side panel would be good too, and a fan that leads cold air towards the GPU. Would be good if the fans are included, because i only own a 80mm fan now, and more fans cost more money. Are there fans included in the HAF 912? Edit : Fuck, the HAF 912 costs 70 euros here, not included the shipping Here just a list of nice cases i already found : Sharkoon T9 Value Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Aerocool Strike-X ONE BitFenix Outlaw BitFenix Merc Alpha BitFenix Merc Beta NZXT 210 Elite NZXT Beta Evo (Really love the look of it) Any opinions on these? Edit : Nvm, im making a new topic because this one is not really what the title says
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