• Low Available Memory, Jailbroken iPod Touch 4G
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I'd use the Jailbreaking megathread, but it seems like it's dead anyways. Thought I'd just post a new thread. So anyways, I have a iPod Touch 4G, 32 GB that's jailbroken on 5.0.1 using RedSn0w. I've jailbroken it several times, usually whenever a new update comes out with a jailbreak. I have tried deleting multiple Cydia packages that have been known to drain available memory, such as Winterboard. The highest I ever get is only about 110 MB, and that's only when I have every app closed. When I'm playing music, I only get ~60 MB. It's really been bugging me, since I have seen other iPod Touches in videos that have so much more mods/tweeks than I've ever had being fast as hell, and mine being slower. Any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. [IMG]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38309182/Posted/IMG_0737.PNG[/IMG]
ipod touch 4 gen has 256mb of ram. deducting ~80mb for the OS and other system functions to run, you are left with around 180. Similarly, my iphone 4 has 512 mb of ram, deducting ram used by OS and other system functions, +10 tweaks+ winterboard active, im left with 300mb. so 110mb of free ram is normal. by "slow", what do you mean?
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