• Problem with Steam - Crash on Startup
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For the record, I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I recently got a new computer and installed Steam on it. I keep a backup of my Steamapps folder on a portable HDD. I installed Steam on the new computer and began moving the backup steamapps folder into the Steam folder. It finishes in about 2 hours so then I hit the shortcut and log in. Do de doo - seems to be working fine - except that once "connecting to account <blah>" dissappears, the Steam window doesn't pop up. The little icon on the taskbar appears. I right click that. The menu comes up. I select 'Games' from that menu. Nothing happens. When I mouse over the Steam taskbar icon again, the icon vanishes. Task manager says that it's no longer running. Steam itself creates an MDMP crash dump. Please help me - I've tried restarting, reinstalling and deleting clientregistry.blob.
Try using the steam beta.
I can't use the beta because I can't get to the settings menu to switch to the beta.
steam://open/settings Copy that into your web browser address.
Doesn't work. It just brings up the Steam login screen, I log in, and then it crashes.
Close steam, move the steamapps folder to somewhere like your desktop and try launching steam again, does it work then?
Woot, it worked. Thanks guys.
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