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Don't get a prebuilt? It doesn't even tell you what you're paying for each part and the whole build doesn't make any sense. You have a Z97 board with a non-overclockable processor. It has a paltry 350W PSU which is inadequate, and it has tons of bloatware on it. Build your own machine, that one is riced junk.
[QUOTE=~Kiwi~v2;46592806]That's seriously some rice cooker's delight(aka bad as hell) Give me 5 minutes. [editline]29th November 2014[/editline] 5 minutes later [url]http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/byrDMp[/url] since its black friday order it now and that ssd is as cheap as chips per gb[/QUOTE] Holy shit mate, thanks for that. Damn that's so much cheaper! Would rather have windows 7 but thanks a lot for that, really appreciate it. Edit: changed it ever so slightly. [url]http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/wmzfkL[/url]
Personally, I would've went with the cheaper case, and gotten this R9 270X instead of the 750Ti: [url]http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-video-card-r9270xdc2t2gd5[/url]
[QUOTE=~Kiwi~v2;46593715]true but im still semi salty about the issues ive had with amd, maybe that's changed but ehh..[/QUOTE] Eh, their drivers are fine nowadays
[QUOTE=Rixxz2;46593855]Eh, their drivers are fine nowadays[/QUOTE] Unless you want to use OpenGL or Linux.
[QUOTE=GiGaBiTe;46594030]Unless you want to use OpenGL or Linux.[/QUOTE] While that is true, I'm fairly certain the OP is looking for a machine that'll mostly be used for gaming
Gaming yes^
Going to buy the setup that kiwi made for me today I think thanks kiwi
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