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Today I remembered being hyped as fuck for Dreamscenes on Vista, then never getting Vista (which I still want just to play with), so after a little googling I found an [url=http://www.windows7start.com/tweaks/programs/82-activate-dreamscenes-in-windows-7]unofficial installer[/url]. So I install it, get some scenes, and start enjoying them. Then I notice desktop text becomes transparent. [img]http://gyazo.com/359d0645a340594b88b31d5d38f8b8a7.png[/img] [del]Only the fill though, the outline and shadow are still there. I'd upload a picture but Gyazo refuses to upload and it looks exactly like you'd expect it to.[/del] Any ideas on fixing this, or is it really not worth it?
Honestly, I have no clue. It seems kinda cool, but I'd imagine it not being very easy to read. Dreamscene is kinda meh to be honest. I just like using hi-res wallpapers from /w/
Has anyones else but me never heard of Dreamscenes?
[QUOTE=Dr. Deeps;25281450]Has anyones else but me never heard of Dreamscenes?[/QUOTE] Yup, this is a first for me.
Post pic. Never heard of it.
I used them for a while. Had a moving image of white sand underwater so you could see the waves reflecting on it. Very calming.
Yea I used a patch to allow dreamscenes on my comp (Vista x64) and it worked fine. [MEDIA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPySLOClY7M[/MEDIA] But when I used the same patch on 7 I got what you are describing making it really hard to read icons.
Shweet! This would be great for me because I don't use icons on my desktop
I used to use this but had to turn it off all the time because since the backgrounds are rendered entirely on your GPU, it was taxing to have them on while playing games...also I never found an official Windows 7 version (other than stardock deskscapes...but you have to pay for that)
[img]http://gyazo.com/359d0645a340594b88b31d5d38f8b8a7.png[/img] bottom right corner of my desktop, that's the only icon I have on there and if there is no fix I guess I can just do the invisible text trick
or you can move it behind that gadget there...
Gadgets Gross.
[QUOTE=Zeb Brown;25297135]Gadgets Gross.[/QUOTE] I know basically everybody here will lynch people for using gadgets, but I find the calendar useful personally. I do realize I've got the date in small, constantly visible text right beneath it, but why does that matter? I like the way it looks and can't understand people who go apeshit over gadgets then minimize to their Rainmeter desktops. so anyways
I think this is a known issue using the dreamscene patch.
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