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First off, don't come in here just to tell me that if something is blocked it is blocked for a reason and I should respect that. I don't care. My question is this, My school has a laptop program where every student gets a laptop. They are generally pretty locked down, no admin rights and Landesk. That said I managed to get skype on my computer soon other people figured out how to do it. Now Skype has been blocked by group policy: [IMG]http://i691.photobucket.com/albums/vv280/ericreardonphotography/skypeissue.jpg[/IMG] What can I do to bypass this? I have tried opening group policy editor but I couldn't get in.
If you don't have administrative rights to the computer there is no way of working around it.
:siren:If you break the damn thing don't come crying to us:siren: :siren:I do NOT condone bypassing the policies, if you get found out it's your own fault:siren: Use any form of linux you like to get a hold of the SAM file from the windows directory. Then take this put it on your personal computer and use Cain to find out the Administrator password (there is bound to be a default administrator user). Log in as the administrator and go to the control panel. Open user accounts and click add. Under username put your logon username, under domain put whatever system you use to log on (i.e. if when you log in the bottom box says "college" you would type that in). Click next and then choose the bottom radio button (I think) and from the drop down make sure it says Administrator. This will give your user full admin rights on that one machine and should allow you to bypass any policies. If you have any problems with this then PM me and I'll try and help you out. Remember: :siren:I will not take credit for breaking your laptop:siren: :siren:I do not think you should be doing this but I'm not you:siren:
Don't dick around with your schools computer.
[QUOTE=TurbisV2;21908079]Don't dick around with your schools computer.[/QUOTE] Technically it is mine. We paid for it in tuition. However the Archdiocese mandates stuff be blocked that can be used to cheat or "compromise security"
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