• Monitor showing wierd colors in game
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Here is the deal. Ever since I changed gamma in a game, which shortly crashed, I've had gamma problems. I corrected these gamma problems, but however once I'm in a game, when I move the mouse and look at an object, say the clouds in COD4, a wierd blend of red green and blue shows. Any tips on how to fix it?
double check your settings, try your graphics card in another PC to check thats not whats broken
Make sure your monitor is plugged in all the way.
Try deleting the games settings file, if you're on steam. Then verify the integrity and it should get a default settings file for you. If it's not on Steam then try to find the settings file and open it in notepad. Check that all the options are correct on how you want them.
Temperatures? Maybe. Check cables?
Reset the gamma settings in your graphics control panel. That should work.
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