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Not sure if correct section, but bare with me. Maybe I will be able to make at least some sense, but I'm not sure. I can run COD:MW2 on maximum settings, but COD:MW1 will only run decent on medium settings, even though MW2 is newer, and has greater graphics, and psychics. I can run Singularity on maximum settings and its released on June 29, 2010, so its new, but Bioshock 1 will only run decently on medium settings, heck even then I only have 35 fps. So I was wondering, hows this.. and are there any other new games like this? Especially Singularity.. was kinda surprised to have it running at 50 fps on max, since its a brand new game.
What's your OS? Windows 7? Vista? XP?
[QUOTE=LieutenantLeo;23314366]What's your OS? Windows 7? Vista? XP?[/QUOTE] Windows 7. I guess its how good optimized games are D:
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