• Seven and Vista in a Local Network
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Hai FP I've installed the build 7100 ages ago on my old desktop rig but only made it usable today by building in a new CPU cooler - the old one was as loud as a 747 on takeoff. I mainly want to use it for web radio. That requires me to have constant access to my music database. I don't want to copy everything because that would take ages and i'd always have to save all the shit i have to both comps. That's why i want them to communicate via the local network. I can access the Seven comp from my Vista here just fine, however it doesn't work the other way around. It recognizes the comp in the network but when i try to access it, Seven tells me that it can't connect. I've already allowed any network activity coming from the local network and made the network private and the comp visible and all that shit. Still no success. So, i hope the mighty network experts of FP can help me here. Oplz.
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