• Trying to install XP Home SP2, "J: i386 asms Access is denied"
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A bit of backstory, my dad managed to get a pretty fucking vicious trojan, it seemingly just ripped the guts out of Vista. I couldn't find his recovery disk, my computer didn't even come with one (I'm on Vista as well) We did however find the recovery disk from my first computer. Formatting the hard drive went pretty smoothly, except it threw up some uncopyable file errors, xmlp_bec.xdr for instance. When I actually get to the setup screen and it asks me to put the disk back in, it goes along for about 10 seconds then gives me a fatal error message, I check the log and it says J:\i386\asms - Access is denied. I tried googling it already, I've heard everything from copy the disk's contents to a flash drive to CD-ROM drives dying to cleaning the disk. We don't have the money at this time to go buy a copy of 7, nor a new hard drive/whole new computer. Any help at all is appreciated. Mods, be gentle if this is in the wrong subforum. Fuck, delete the other thread please. I can't access it because the slashes mess it up.
You can't use the recovery disc from one computer in a totally different computer, it won't work. The recovery disc is designed to have the drivers and programs for the machine it was intended for, using it on another machine will usually not work due to missing drivers. If you have the CD Key for Windows on the computer case, you can download an ISO of that version of Windows (usually the OEM version, not Retail) and burn it to a DVD and install it from there.
Joy. I'll search his case for the key then.
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