• Estimated sale price of an Xbox 360?
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I'm considering selling my 360 (plus several games) to buy a PS3 and I was wondering what a reasonable price for one would be. It's an Xbox 360 Elite (with the big HDD), unmodded, black finish, one controller and no previous history of breakdowns. The games I would sell with it are Halo 3, Battlefield: Bad Company, Prototype, Alan Wake and Final Fantasy XIII. What would be a reasonable price to ask for all that? Preferably in Australian dollars.
Maybe $200-$250? Since it hasn't been sent in yet, I'd say that's a really good console.
Mmmm...probably about £160 if it has games and the like, i dont know how much that is in your currency but i would say around $210
Due to the release of the Xbox 360 slim, you can only sell that for around $175USD on ebay.
150€ would be the best for a used one, at least here in Germany. Don't sell at Gamestop or something like that!
Gamestop: $2 in-store credit towards 360 games.
[QUOTE=mastermaul;23559908]Gamestop: $2 in-store credit towards 360 games.[/QUOTE] What a ripoff.
Yeah, with the release of the Slim the price of old Xboxes has plummeted. I'd hold on until the release of Natal, as that'll probably cause a slight increase in price again as people decide to buy the old 360 as a cheap way of trying it out.
Nothing to do with xbox 360 but I took between 10 to 20 PS2 games to EBGames and they offered me approx $20 for it all. You might get a bit more with your xbox games if you take them there.
DO NOT SELL TO GAMESTOP/EBGAMES. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. BADLY. /rant Go with ebay. You can score at least $200 with games. With a hard drive, games, power brick, and controller(s)... $250-$300.
Somewhere between 150 USD to 225 USD.
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