• Unable to use Multiple Inputs on Mouse/Keyboard on HP DV7-6178US
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Hey TS. I'm having an issue with my DV7-6178US HP Laptop where I can't put in multiple inputs into the laptop, and in the cases of the Numpad, I can't press multiple buttons at once. I discovered this issue while trying to use some of my numpad contraptions within Garry's Mod[8456 Control], and it appeared that the numpad was refusing to put in multiple inputs at the same time for the control of my contraptions. I've noticed a similar issue while playing some FPS's where I can't move my mouse and shoot at the same time, but this really sold the fact that something on the laptop was disallowing multiple key/mouse inputs. What can I possibly do about this issue?
I know that if the trackpad disables when you press a key, turning off the palmcheck in the trackpad settings fixes that
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