• Slow Mouse & Glitchy Movement in CS 1.6
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Don't know how it happened, but I installed 190.38 (NVIDIA drivers) and after that, my mouse started moving incredibly slow, and whenever I would run in-game, I would glitch all over the place. I reverted to my previous drivers (185.85) and I still have this problem. I deleted the game's local content and reinstalled it, and I'm still having this problem. I have the mouse acceleration fixes in my start parameters, and I also have enhanced pointer precision disabled. I have v-sync forced to off in the NVIDIA CP, everything else is stock (everything.) This only happens in CS 1.6. No other game (I don't have another GoldSrc game to test this with.) Can someone please help? [editline]01:34AM[/editline] fucking damnit meant to stick this in the video games forum, can a mod move this please
css sucks What mouse?
CS 1.6 not CS:S, I said CS 1.6 let's see... twice? G5.
same thing Try re-installing the G5 drivers, or try turning the sensitivity up when you get in game (with the buttons on the mouse).
It doesn't require any software, and turning the sensitivity up doesn't get rid of the delay, like I said, it only happens in 1.6.
Try updating DirectX. If it's only happening in one game then I'm clueless.
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