• My earbuds wont work!
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I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS THE RIGHT SECTION. My earbuds wont work well, when I plug it into my pc, my mp3 or Ipod it is either silent even if my music volume is at 100%. And if i twist it around it sometimes sounds like a metallic cat meowing while it get sliced up in a blender, or it results that the sounds get perfect for a second or two. I got this type of earbuds [url]http://ifrogz.com/product/EPPlugz[/url] Pleas help facepunch! How do i fix this and how did it happened (the average reason)
if you're expecting a good lifetime out of a pair of 15 dollar earbuds then your expectations are on the FUCKIN MOON seriously, those things go down in my house after a month
they are fucked, Just buy new ones. [editline]18th May 2011[/editline] also my earbuds go after 6 months. wish I could solder new wires on them but then again its not really worth the time.
spend $5 more and get skullcandy ones, durable as fuck
got some skullcandy headphones. But i really liked them and thought it was hope :smith: but ok i'll buy some new
You ripped the wires that are connected directly to the speaker (at the speaker to be precise). Good job on that by the way. It's fixable, but probably not worth it.
This will fix everything: [url]http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1089375-The-Headphone-Buying-Guide-V2[/url]
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