• CIPWTTKT&GC V45 - Intel APUs ruined everything
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Putting a X220 keyboard in my Thinkpad X230. Pray for me lads
hey guys- whah, whoa what happened. Oh shit, bad reading is back!
Best change to come out of this, lets be honest.
don't brick it
So I got this old thinkpad R500 a week or so ago and it has this weird problem. Whenever I shut it down, it turns right back on. You have to take the battery out and unplug it from the wall to get it to turn off. Also, it turns off instead of sleeping, and it turns off when you close the lid (though I think that's related to the sleeping thing) Any ideas?
So, Newpunch doesn't seem to auto-lock threads. Are we going to be stuck on v45, cursing Intel APUs, for all eternity?
Hows Steam In-home Streaming with that thing?
You paid about as much for that thing as I paid for my X220.
I paid less for my 2570p
I was going to upgrade to one just for the Hackintosh potential, but my X201t is still chugging away very nicely. I really don't want to go back to 16:9 and I'm going to run this thing into the ground. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/112995/4f2fb740-f4dd-4bb4-9cba-db702bd6cb7f/x201t-bios-compressed.jpg
Rescued a perfectly working Dell Power edge R510 from being recycled at my friends work. I'm just waiting on my drive caddys and some compatible RAM from ebay, also going to populate it with some 1TB drives I've got from my work they don't want anymore. Hopefully my plan to build a NAS out of junk dosen't backfire
I laugh every time this laptop shows up on /g/
I had to settle for the X230 because I just wasn't feeling comfortable going too far back hardware wise, but god I wish it had a dozen status LEDs like the older pads have. It's got room for them and everything! Still waiting on a miniDP to HDMI converter that'll do audio, though. There's next to no info on compatibility for those.
I love my X220 so much and not just because I paid $60 for it :v
wow i wonder who you might be
top of the page, check the ratings.
My X220 was fuckin great and I enjoyed Hackintosh for a good while. If I didn't need a better iGPU I'd probably still be using it.
If we're doing the thinkpad comparisons again, T420 and Mini 10 checking in
T400 and T60 here, hello. https://i.imgur.com/cn7tg8L.jpg I put the T60 into hibernate last week so oldpunch is still open.
Doing time correctly is hard: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109944/cde4a22f-b5a1-44d2-801a-cba42186c744/samsungnonotime.png Above are two screenshots from my Samsung galaxy s7 taken a few seconds apart. The top half image is the pull down menu. The bottom half image is the clock that is always visible in the top of Android. I noticed it did that once before. The time in the pull down menu is kind of random. It only updates a second after I pull down the menu, and then sometimes it only updates a random digit. The other clock is just stuck. Maybe it is time to start wearing a wrist watch again...
My G3 does that but it's only ~2minutes apart
my 3930k came in the mail and i only paid $90 for it why the hell is the 3930k so cheap this chip is badass
Because Processor Number i7-3930K Status Discontinued Also what the fuck is this shit Intel? Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 64.23 GB God I hate this editor so much already. Thanks to the current generation for having the attention span of a goldfish resulting in Web 3.0's love for all things WYSIWYG culminating in an effectively unusable editor for the sake of looking modern.
Anyone remember the days of the LGA775 to 771 xeon mod? I still have a whole bunch of the stickers.
Don't forget the pencil trick with the really old AMD athlons and durons which let you overclock them to hell and back.
Is there a good dark skin yet for FP?
inacio's is usually bumped on the meta section, it will be the most active
How did it work out for you? Accordingly to the Wiki and reddit, I tried to cover that extra contact with some tape, but that resulted in a non-working keyboard. Removed the tape YOLO'd it. Slight burning smell, otherwise works great. No issues with the BIOS flash either.
Erm. Slight Burning Smell. That cannot be good.
I know it sounds bad, other people reported it works and it worked out for me as well.
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