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Its how I've managed to walk into every job I've ever had without a resume That being said its also bit me in the butt a few times with shit bosses.
This too
I'm so lucky to be at my current job. Workload can only go up too.
At least some manufacturers realized everyone is just retrofitting horrible cheap chinese continous ink systems to their existing printers and put out one or two models with ink tanks. The Brother I bought for a school went through well over 200 certificates easily, it gave me hope in printers again. And refilling the tanks with the bottles is impossible to fuck up.
i feel like the fact that i fully understood this post and related to it is a sign that professional cipwicketing has slowly eaten into my sanity over time
You people complain about HP printers? I have a deskjet 940c from 2001 that I still use. https://assets.pcmag.com/media/images/6911-hp-deskjet-940c.jpg?width=333
Oh shit I think I've got one of these sitting in a corner of my closet I'm so glad we upgraded to color laser
Probably works better than anything you'd go out and buy currently
Christ, that's actually worse than the army. That guy's company out-paperworks the US government.
😩 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/dabc439b-4c36-4646-89ae-9783931fe359/image.png
Everyone is suddenly out to kill Facebook because people are starting to finally figure out that they don't operate for free because they're just nice like that, but because they're selling your data to the highest bidder. Can we do the same thing to Microsoft next please thank you
If you're not paying for something, you're the product I dunno why that's news to anyone?
It's probably just because now ~The Russians~ are involved.
Things didn't go well anyway, like the move back to make things personal because only old people and companies sticked around.
but what makes it worse is that you pay for microsoft services anyway
gamertag changes cost ten dollarydoos >:( more and more and more money for them but MS provide shit essential to my workflow So I have a bad love-hate relationship
just wait until they hear the same thing about their smartphones, and watch them struggle to justify continuing to use them
I highly doubt all this anger towards Facebook impacts it in any significant way.
I somehow started my Shadowplay yesterday morning and didn't realize until I shut off my computer, completely filling my data drive. Oops.
did the same with OBS, glad I don't record to my system drive though
The company I work for also has a pretty ridiculous approval process. Imagine this: the CEO asks you (either directly or through your manager) to do something via the internal messaging system. Okay, so maybe make a ticket for record keeping, then go ahead and do it, right? Nope. First you make a request ticket based on what the CEO asked you to do. Then, you send that to your manager to get approval. Then, that has to get approved by the CEO. So NOW you can start working on it, right? Nope. That approval only allows you to make a ticket to get approval to do something. So now, you have to make a ticket in a different project, send it off to your manager to review, then get the CEO's approval again. Only THEN can you start working on whatever it is. This process is used even for something as simple as fixing a typo on internal documentation.
You can't on mobile, it's shit.
https://i.imgur.com/TSdoL5G.png https://i.imgur.com/wLQ9Uqf.png Fuck you too, SSMS!
It does. A significant number of users has closed their account since
I'd love to be proven wrong since I highly dislike facebook, but since FP Aparently has around 2.1 billion active monthly users according to Company Info | Facebook Newsroom I have a hard time believing that even if millions close their account that anything significant would happen.
But what financial impact does a "significant" number of users have on Facebook Furthermore, what is the long-term impact? Most of the people who are deactivating their accounts right now will reactive a few weeks after the outrage has passed, so long as Facebook remains as omnipresent of a service as it currently is.
That feeling when you finally figure out something that you have been trying to fix on and off over about 3 months. Glorious.
I got a response from HP after my case was escalated I was told to get fucked and buy a new ink cartridge. Also my printer warranty was extended. ... Anybody feels like joining me in carpet bombing HP HQ with rotten eggs?
How many of you guys are Thinkpad ~enthusiasts~? I gotta admit there's something about my X230 that makes me think "I should buy another one" even though I'm super broke hah.
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