• GPU usage spiking, weird stuttering
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Hello For the past 2 weeks, my GPU (ASUS 1060 DUAL OC 3GB) has been acting really weird, namely it's GPU clock, memory clock (and with that goes also the usage) has been spiking constantly, causing it to horribly stutter, not just visually but also that affects audio. Initially i had thought i've caught a bitcoin miner virus or something, but this isn't it, as i've scanned my PC with 2 different programs (malwarebytes and bitdefender, full scan) as well as did a format. What i've also tried is reinstalling drivers, obviously, changing bios settings to default just in case, even using a different HDMI port, but none of it worked, and i'm really out of ideas. Just for sake of it, here are rest of the specs: PSU - Corsair VS 450W CP-9020096 CPU - Amd Ryzen 5 1600 with Wraith Spire 95W RAM - HyperX Fury Black 8GB Motherboard - ASUS Prime B350M-A Last thing to mention, curiously enough if i disable my GTX 1060 from the Device manager in windows, the whole issue is gone - no stuttering, no GPU usage spiking, no issues at all. EDIT: Example of such stuttering, i was only watching a youtube video in background [t]https://i.imgur.com/44stOPl.png[/t]
Are you using a software overclock?
Could maybehaps also be a power supply issue, the GPU wants to boost but then the power delivery wonks out so it throttles back down again I could be wrong but AFAIK Corsair's VS series isn't exactly known for it's quality
This sounds really similiar to what I am experiencing. I also have a 1060 and a somewhat beefier PSU Do you lose audio for just a couple secounds or does it go out for good?
My suggestion is to try to reinstall the nvidia driver with display driver uninstaller, I never had issues with changing drivers until at some point where my pc was left in a black screen, then DDU showed up in the nick of time and every driver install went flawlessly since then.
The GPU clock changing is a red herring. It's downclocking because it's being starved of work by the CPU, likewise your audio is dropping out because it's not being serviced often enough by the CPU. You need to investigate what is consuming so much cpu time, be it a driver, paging, failing disk, background process, etc
Sorry guys for not responding, i've forgot about this forum because of the switch to newpunch here are some answers first, i can't really borrow another PSU and use it - i just don't have anything spare nor do anyone that i know second - i did use some software overclock, but i would always revert to normal settings after not needing to use the overclocked settings third - i did reinstall drivers with display driver uninstaller, no change fourth - nitronik, i did lose audio for a second or two everytime the stutter appeared
What software did you take the screenshot in the OP from, out of curiosity?
Asus GPU Tweak II
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