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Hello everyone, a little time ago I decided to build own my PC, but now I have come to a dead end: choosing the case. I narrowed my choice between these two models, but now I really can't figure out what to choose: - [url=http://www.corsair.com/it/pc-cases/carbide-series-pc-case/carbide-series-300r-compact-pc-gaming-case.html]Corsair Carbine Series 300R[/url] - [url=http://www.fractal-design.com/?view=product&category=4&prod=60]Fractal Design Core 3000[/url] (Does anyone have any experience with these models, or other products from these two brands?) My indecision is obviously what is the better of the two, about ventilation, which of the two has the less noisy fans included, the quality of materials, and everything else (I do not know ...) I want to use the computer mainly for Videogames, CAD and 3D programs. I await your expert answer. Thanks in advance. (Budget: €70) [editline]23rd October 2012[/editline] More info: The motherboard has the ATX form factor. And in the future I would like to also overclocking, and I would not have any problems. [editline]16 November 2012[/editline] Budget now: €90
Fractal has quiter fans included, and the airflow between the two cases is pretty similar. The Corsair has better features, and it's also a small amount larger with better cable management capabilities. I'd take the 300R between the two.
Thanks you very much HolyCrapAWalrus, for the suggestion. Other suggestions?
Between the 2 models it's really just a matter of personal preference. They both offer similar airflow but have different features which differs from your needs. There's not much I can say other than personal choice. [QUOTE=Maury;38152985](Does anyone have any experience with these models, or other products from these two brands?)[/QUOTE] If you had a larger budget and I could make a personal recommendation from either brand, then the Fractal R4 would be an amazing case (or at least the R3 model). The sound deadening is amazing while offering great airflow. With quiet computer components you can literally make a dead silent PC. I own one (the R3) and the only way I know my computer is turned on is by either seeing the lit up LED button on the case or my monitor displaying an image.
Unfortunately, I can not spend more than €70. So I have to choose between the two (or alternative). But just out of curiosity, what model of Corsair (or other models) would have recommended, if I could spend more?
C70, 650D. 500R. anything that looks good.
[QUOTE=Zerokateo;38169002] 500R. anything that looks good.[/QUOTE] yes, the 500R I can vouch for this all day, i bought it and love it the extra features and the huge fan are so worth it. it has awesome airflow ontop of that
Thanks everyone for the suggestion. But now I can spend €90 for the case, and I'm undecided between two other cases: - [url=http://www.corsair.com/it/pc-cases/carbide-series-pc-case/carbide-series-400r-mid-tower-case.html] Corsair Carbine Series 400R [/url] - [url=http://www.fractal-design.com/?view=product&category=2&prod=57] Fractal Design Arc Midi [/url] You once again have the patience to give me your opinion?
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