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I've been out of a computer for about a month now because one day it decided to shut off while I was playing Killing Floor with a few friends. I've been really tight on my budget since I lost my job due to an injury and I'm trying to keep my PC cheap but usable, as well as trying to get a new job. Once my PC shut off, I tried turning it back on after about ten minutes and nothing happened. The LED lights would turn on, my CPU fan worked, my video card fan worked, but none of my case fans would work. There was also no post, so I assumed the worst. First thing I did was to take my hard drive and check it on another PC. It was fine and I backed up my files, which I admittedly should have done before. Lesson learned. Next was to reset the memory. Nothing. Next was the power supply. I swapped the PSU with a friends old but better PSU. Still nothing, same problem. Since my motherboard at the time had no onboard video, I ordered a new motherboard that was very similar to mine to see if the board had gone bad. This is the board, [url]http://www.ascendtech.us/foxconn-rs690m03-8ekrfs2h-motherboard_i_mbfoxrs690m038e.aspx?agent=pricewatch[/url] . I received it in the mail today and had a hell of a time hooking it up because my case's pin headers are ancient. Once I figured those out and got everything set up, I was very hopeful that it would turn on properly. Nope. Same exact problem. Suffice to say, I raged. Then I thought that it may be my video card. This new motherboard has onboard video so I thought what the hell, why not. Took the card out, (A 9800 GT by the way) and tried to start it up again. Nothing. Same thing. So after swapping the PSU and replacing the motherboard, I still can't figure out the problem. Any suggestions? Thank you.
So I realize you bought a new motherboard, but have you tried resetting the lithium battery via jumper or something like a flathead screwdriver? ..and are you also using that same memory / have you tested that memory?
I tried resetting the battery on the old motherboard but it didn't do anything. I assume I should try the same on the new one? As for the memory, no it wasn't fully tested, but I did take some old memory I had that I know works and tried that. Still nothing. :/
Well the only thing that has not been replaced is the cpu.
I used to have a similar problem where I would turn on my PC and only the fans and whatever was running, but nothing would start up sometimes. It turned out to be corrupted memory, and yes I know you posted that you replaced it with some other ones, but in my situation, so did I, and even the new ones I ordered corrupted somehow. What I would do is just run a diagnostic tool on the sticks individually, one by one. Or You can take them and stick them into a different PC. Or you can try the above suggestion, to replace the CPU.
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