• New CPU cooler (AM3), possibly new RAM
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Hey, I'm currently in the search for a new CPU cooler as my Phenom II x4 955BE is dying in this strangely hot summer at stock clocks. I cleaned out the stock cooler the other day and it's much better, but it's just really fucking noisy instead. I'm having a hard time finding a decently priced cooler that will fit in my Antec 300, not generate too much noise (especially on idle) and still cool well. Anything that keeps it under 50C would be much better than it peaking 55C (55 is the supposed bottom threshold for temperature of these cores). And while I'm here, I want to ask about RAM, I currently have 4GB of DDR3 at some mid-range speed (I really can't remember/ check it right now). I was wondering if it's worth just buying another 4GB of similar speed RAM, or just replacing the whole lot with 8GB of faster RAM. Though I don't really want to spend over £100 in total here, staying under it would be lovely. So Facepunch, what can you say?
[url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233144[/url] RAM [url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835214024&Tpk=ETS-T40-TA[/url] Cooler
Good job linking to Newegg, a US site. When my budget is in Pounds, the UK currency. [editline]18th August 2012[/editline] Pretty sure I can't te half the stuff Newegg sells because uk retailers keep dropping so many items.
Instead of being sarcastic, you can look it up on scan: [url]http://www.scan.co.uk/products/8gb-(2x4gb)-corsair-ddr3-vengeance-jet-black-pc3-12800-(1600)-non-ecc-cas-9-9-9-24-xmp-150v[/url] RAM [url]http://www.scan.co.uk/products/8gb-(2x4gb)-corsair-ddr3-vengeance-jet-black-lp-pc3-12800-(1600)-non-ecc-cas-9-9-9-24-xmp-15v[/url] Low profile RAM [url]http://www.scan.co.uk/products/enermax-ets-t40-ta-cpu-cooler-nickel-plated-intel-775-1155-1156-1136-amd-am2-am2plus-am3-am3plus[/url] Cooler
Yeah sorry about that. I just realised how much of a dick that post made me look. Thanks for that though. Any other suggestions before I commit?
Hey, I just had a thought, the RAM won't have an compatibility issues with my motherboard will it? ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO. I can't find much googling around, and I just want to be sure it won't be incompatible (and it seems like my CPU would struggle to run it at 1600mHz from what I can find, but it's a nice thing to have in case I do upgrade that).
If you post your specs, we can work with those
Well, we've got most of the core specs now; ASU M4A785TD-V EVO AMD Phenom II x4 955BE @stock 4GB Corsair DDR3-PC3-10700H nVidia GTX 460 768MB Antec 300 As far as I know, what you posted should work, I just can't seem to find anything about compatibility with the RAM, and I will quickly check my case size against the cooler size. But thanks for the cooler link, it looks like it should work nicely if it fits.
Your CPU should handle that RAM just fine. The cooler will also fit any AM3 mobo according to the description: "User-friendly CPU cooler mounting supports all Intel and AMD CPU: Intel® 775/1155/1156/1366 and AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+." So you're good for that. [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] Just gotta make sure it fits your case. You might want to make a rough paper 'dummy' according to the size specs (just a cube should do) and see if that fits in the space, just make sure not to touch any components with it just in case.
That's actually a pretty good idea. I'm sure if I just lay it on top of my case I can get a rough estimate of the size inside. I think I know roughly where the mobo tray starts. And if the cooler says it fits any AM3 motherboard, then the RAM clearance should be fine if I got the low profile (not a big fan of flashy coolers anyway). [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] Wondering if it's worth slapping the 4GB I currently have in alongside the new RAM or just dropping it entirely. [editline]19th August 2012[/editline] There looks like just enough clearance if I assume that 160mm is the right measurement, but it's hard to tell how much it clears around it with the current CPU cooler installed. Should be fine with the low profile I'm sure.
I'd google around for 'mismatched RAM' or a similar term to see what the world of that is like.
Hmm, well it looks like it'd just drop my 4GB sticks down to 1333, the timings are the same and everything. So the only issue would be if I do want those new sticks at 1600, which I'll try when I get them.
[QUOTE=hexpunK;37317741]Hmm, well it looks like it'd just drop my 4GB sticks down to 1333, the timings are the same and everything. So the only issue would be if I do want those new sticks at 1600, which I'll try when I get them.[/QUOTE] the difference between 1333 and 1600 Mhz isn't even worth the time it takes to change it
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