• Why are walmart computers so cheap?
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I assume they probably have awful motherboards, GPUs, and PSUs, and cheap ram, but does anyone know specifically where they're cutting out the cost? [url]http://www.walmart.com/ip/ZT-Affinity-7624Mi-Desktop-PC-Bundle-with-Intel-Core-i7-2600-Processor-16GB-Memory-23-Widescreen-LCD-Monitor-2TB-Hard-Drive-Blu-ray-Drive-Windo/17164204[/url]
Integrated graphics edit: i really didn't know people spent $1000 on PCs with igma, if you need a pc for 'watching movies' buy a cheaper one, why would you need an i7 too? makes no sense
That isn't cheap, at all. [editline]10th May 2012[/editline] I just made the same thing for $850 on newegg with little effort [editline]10th May 2012[/editline] including a monitor and all that crap
I see, it must be just me then. For me an i7, 16GB ram and all of that fluff came up to $1100 or so. I must just need help.
Probably because you added a proper GPU maybe? Also i7 for gaming / home usage is pointless.
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