• Need a PC build for a friend.
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my friend is thinking of building a PC to game on. he has about £600 to spend and would like to be able to play games like TF2, CoD4 and older games like that, but also some more up-to-date games and still get a decent fps. if you guys could suggest a good rig for him or help him choose parts it would be appreciated. thanks.
what exactly does he need, OS, monitor, peripherals, etc. is there anything he can reuse and when will he be buying this
just needs the tower, everything else is covered. within a few weeks.
[url]http://www.scan.co.uk/savedbasket/05011cbaf81d4c4a99ef7200f9bce4b5[/url] remove scansure if he's already waiting a few weeks it might be worth waiting for ivy bridge/the other stuff coming out soon
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