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Okay, so I've played through Double agent and Conviction(which I thought was horrible) and now I want to play through what many consider to be the best SC, Chaos Theory. I got the physical copy and now i want to play it. I installed it and everything and it says that Windows 7 Isn't a compatible OS. I have an AMD FX-4100, Windows 7 Home Premium, a GTX 570 and I have 8 GB of ram. Please help.
Simple fix is to set the application compatibility in properties on the EXE file to Windows Vista or whatever OS it is supported for
I did that all the way back to 95.
It doesn't work on 95. Set it to Windows XP
I mean I did all the Windows versions back to 95, which is what the game states it supports.
Is there no way around it? am i gonna have to fork over 10 bucks on steam?
When I ran into this issue, I had to apply a No-CD crack to it. I was reading up on crap and for some reason, this completely fixes the issue. Also, don't worry about repercussions or anything, it's legal to crack it if you own it.
Oh my God, dude, thank you so much. I bought the first two games and if they aren't compatible, I'll have to do the same. Thank you to everyone for their quick and easy responses.
Um, i got a crack and this happened. [url]http://postimage.org/image/xoy5ccflf/[/url] Help? [editline]16th February 2012[/editline] Is Starforce what's causing this problem?
Hmm, did it come with any DLL's or anything? Did it replace the EXE? Make sure it's for the right version?
Well, I got two. One came with data and an exe, which didnt start and wouldn't let me delete it. The other one was just and exe and gave me the error in the pic.
Hmm, they for the same version?
We're not allowed to post links, are we?
Honestly, no idea on that.
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