• RAM or M/B Ram Slots?
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Hey guys, some might remember me from before when I built a computer and it failed to boot. Well I found out why. It turns out it was the ram. The problem is this. It works with 1 stick of ram in it, though it blue screens under a lot of stress. If I put my second stick in it blue screens right away. I tried this with both ram sticks and they both work the same way, just not together. These are my parts Mobo [URL]http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157286[/URL] CPU [URL]http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115076[/URL] RAM [URL]http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231424[/URL] [editline]25th April 2012[/editline] Do I need to replace the motherboard, or just the ram?
Would it be wise to replace my old ram with these? [url]http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231311[/url] I've been reading compatibilities and I see now my ram wasn't mean for that mobo.
You could find it 'not wise' buying RAM that is not on the mobo's compatibility list. But this could be due the fact that the mobo is older than the RAM you'd like to buy. However, in most cases it won't cause problems. Just make sure the timings are set on auto.
It's all set to auto and I've ordered RAM that is compatible with with my motherboard in every way LGA1155/H61, etc. So I'm positive this will work. If it doesn't, then I don't know what to do after that. It's been shipped so it should be here later today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow morning though, I've never seen Purolator get here after noon.
Okay guys I just got my new ram and it still does the exact same shit...can anybody please help me?
[QUOTE=Drumdevil;35717195]Just make sure the timings are set on auto.[/QUOTE] No, you make sure the timings match what's printed on the memory module.
[QUOTE=1solidsnake2;35775749]No, you make sure the timings match what's printed on the memory module.[/QUOTE] They only work when set to auto. If I mess with the timings the whole thing doesn't go past the Windows loading screen. And because I don't fully understand what I'm doing with the BIOS I set it back to all defaults. I have no idea what's causing these crashes but I can't keep buying new parts. I feel my only option is to take it into a shop but I'm afraid if I do that it's going to be $20 for diagnostics + 50-100$ for new part + labour...
[QUOTE=Jurikuer;35775802]They only work when set to auto. If I mess with the timings the whole thing doesn't go past the Windows loading screen.[/QUOTE] Are you entering exactly what's printed on the module? Should be a label with a pattern of numbers like 9-9-9-24. Enter those into your BIOS. If the BIOS offers more RAM timing settings, just leave them on auto. Also what voltage does the BIOS say the RAM is running at?
Under Voltage Control it says this: Power Saving Mode: Disabled CPU Core Voltage Offset: +0mV | Auto IGPU Voltage Offset: +0mV | Auto PCH Voltage Offset: 1.059V | Auto CPU PLL Voltage: 1.794V | Auto VTT Voltage: 1.057V | Auto DRAM Voltage: 1.600V | Auto VCCSA Voltage: 0.925V | Auto As for the timing (This is all default, and afaik the only way it'll boot); DRAM Frequency: DDR3-1066 | Auto CAS# Latency (tCL): 7 | Auto RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD): 7 | Auto Row Precharge Time (tRP): 7 | Auto RAS# Active Time (tRAS): 20 | Auto Command Rate (CR): 1N | Auto Write Recovery Time (tWR): 8 | Auto Refresh Cycle Time (tRFC): 86 | Auto RAS to RAS Delay (tRRD): 4 | Auto Write to Read Delay (tWTR): 4 | Auto Read to Precharge (tRTP): 4 | Auto Four Activate Window (tFAW): 16 | Auto Memory Power Down Mode: Auto ODT WR (CHA): Auto ODT NOM (CHA): Auto ODT WR (CHB): Auto ODT NOM (CHB): Auto [editline]1st May 2012[/editline] Sorry for the delay. I needed time away from this thing to calm down and clear my head. I'm kind of ticked it doesn't work. [editline]1st May 2012[/editline] At the moment I am downloading a BIOS update. Trying to get this thing fully updated before I move on to any more steps.
Are you putting the ram in the correct slots? AKA. If you have slots 1234 put them in 1 and 3 not 1 and 2. How are you so sure its the ram btw? You might screwed up something else in the build. (Heatsink, motherbaord standoff, psu whatever)
[QUOTE=taipan;35780196]Are you putting the ram in the correct slots? AKA. If you have slots 1234 put them in 1 and 3 not 1 and 2.[/QUOTE] The motherboard only has two slots.
It's possible I screwed something up in the build but that's what I can't figure out. The blue screens tell me it's most likely the ram (can't be anymore I went through two brand new sets), and I won't know anything for sure until I can get it into a shop now. I feel that's the only way I'm ever going to get it officially 100%. Unfortunately however I don't have the money for that right now so it'll have to wait...again...
Well you can do something. Open up bios and check your temperatures (or download HW monitor and check in windows)
Temperatures are all fine. Lower than 40 degrees for everything. So thankfully nothings over heating.
Run Memtest86
I don't have any blank DVDs to burn it onto.
Put it on a flash drive then.
USB version [url]http://www.memtest.org/download/4.20/memtest86+-4.20.usb.installer.zip[/url]
I took out my Video Driver and am now running MemTest. It was going good but suddenly everything turned red. On a side note I looked closer to my Video Driver and it seems the slot part might be damaged. Is it normal for 2 of these pins to be missing the tips? It has one on each side like that in different places. [editline]2nd May 2012[/editline] At 4:05 walltime it stopped. Unexpected Interrupt - Halting. I don't understand anything it's saying.
If memtest turns red then you've got bad ram. It's possible that the new ram arrived bad as well, test each stick individually. Also post a pic of the pins you're referring to.
How can both sets be bad!? Ugh...
It happens.
Okay well, what if you're wrong. What if it's the motherboard? What if it's the Processor? I don't know what it could be, but to hear it's the RAM...again!? I can easily get a replacement, but if it came back and still didn't work then what?
Then it's something else, but you have to test one condition at a time to determine the cause.
Test the sticks individually, chances are its just 1 stick. If just 1 stick gives errors, you know it's the RAM and not the mobo.
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