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I need a list for a friend. I 'would' get him a list from me personally, but I have TOO much experience in making a high end 1700+ dollar gaming pc and don't know how to get a list for light gaming pc (weird huh?) it has to be Intel based only please. Mouse will be reused/exclude keyboard and monitor from the list please, as they will be bought elsewhere. He will be need the case/mobo/ram/gpu/cpu cooler/cpu/psu/etc. OS is NOT needed. The case should not be as big as my HAF922 (in pics, it looks pretty small, but in person, its a giant. I could probably fit my younger sister's mainstream factory HP pc into it...) As mentioned before, it will be intended for light-medium gaming/web surfing/movies/etc. Pretty much for basic needs with a pinch of gaming to it. I'd say to get at least 4GB of ram cause he might be using other programs like photoshop or something, so its just in case. Thanks for the help.
Budget? [editline]23rd December 2011[/editline] [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/My_PC_Build1.PNG[/IMG] This is just a build I put together for myself but it has a monitor which can be removed along with anything else you don't need, case can be changed. If you need something cheaper than this I can do so as this is a build personally for myself.
lol your build is surprisingly similar to mine, but its overkill for my friend. I got a list at 769 w/o tax, but then I just rememebered that he'll need a HDD (something i forgot to include)fml. [url]http://gyazo.com/ccb6df50685a66be77c524fda0c07282[/url] Here's the list I came up with. I forgot to mention the budget, but its around 790-890. Sorry.
Lemme see what I can do. [editline]23rd December 2011[/editline] This is what I came up with, He can upgrade to an i5 2500k if ever needed or an ivy bridge, The GPU will be more than sufficient along with all the other parts, Unless he does plan on getting a k processor and overclocking eventually then I wouldn't bother with an aftermarket cooler as the stock one on an i5 2500k can be OC'd to about 4.2ghz on the stock cooler at mid-high temps. [IMG]http://filesmelt.com/dl/sad2.PNG[/IMG]
I dont think he'll be needing 1TB of HDD lol. I'll tell him to buy the 500GB version instead and save like 70 bucks. also, I'll have him buy the i5 2500k, because there is a chance he'll get into competitive pc gaming and also for 2-3 yrs of future proofing. Shouldn't he be getting a 6870 tho? I mean the pricings arent much different.
If he wants to he can get the 6870 I just figured the 6850 since it can already run some pretty high end games on med-high settings at 40 - 50 FPS.
oh I see thanks.
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